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BlueTech produce and distribute Triuret purifited urea that dissolves in low-temperature.

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TEL: 010-2895-5434
TEL: 041-741-0243
ADDRESS: 970 donganro, yeonmuyub nonsan city chungnam, Korea



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SCR Trouble Cause

Filter Clogging

-pH9 Alkalescent AUS + Aldehyde’s Carboxylic acid = Ammonium Salt
Insoluble Matter
-AUS Metallic Ions + Atmospheric CO2 = Metallic Salt

Injection Clogging

-Biuret & Triuret + 250 ℃ Exhaust gas = Cyanuric acid Salt
-AUS NH3 + Aldehyde’s Carboxylic acid = Ammonium Salt

Exhaust Catalyst Blockage

-Damage of AUS Injection blockage due to NOx
-Biuret & Triuret + 250 ℃ Exhaust gas = Cyanuric acid Salt
– Aldehyde’s Carboxylic acid + NH3 = Ammonium Salt
-AUS Metallic Ions + CO2 = Metallic Salt

Trouble Result

-NOx emit out to atmosphere
-Engine Power & Fuel Efficiency down.
-SCR Function down.
-Parts Change Cost USD 4,200 (7 break down out of 10)
-Engine Damage.

BlueTech Urea Solution

Ultrapure water generator

14㏁ or greater

Low temperature mixing

Removes most of Triuret

Chelate resin

Removes aldehyde


Post treatment process

removes heavy metal


Highly purifited urea

-Triuret control: 0.005% or less [other company: over 0.045%]
-pH control: pH 9~11 [other company: pH 7~8]
-Heavy metal and aldehyde management

Non turbidity change for temperature differences
-Stable performance
-High purity product for non failure of SCR vehicle

BlueTech’s Urea distribution and injection machine

Distribution points